Tuesday, 28 November 2017

My Speech

My trip to Europe
By Tom.Macauley
So this was when I was like 6? Look I can't really remember what age I was but a few years ago I went on a big holiday to europe we went to Italy France Athens Rome Greece Ceremony and Santorini i am going to talk about cool things I did and saw and described the hotels I slept in and the food I had  in France we had a small but warm and comfy hotel every night we would go to this nice and delicious food stand they had the GREATEST cheese hot dogs I got them every time and we got to see and almost climbed THE EIFFEL TOWER

next location Italy we had a REALLY big room it had three rooms me and my sister's room it had a bunk bed and a balcony it was great and we had the living room it had one large coach with a TV next we went and saw my uncle Simone who lives in Italy and we got THE WORLD'S LARGEST ICE CREAMS it was Italian gelato/ice cream they were the size of my leg not even my dad could eat one it took my like THREE days to finally eat it

next Hong Kong we stayed in a luxury room it was great it had lots of air conditioning so it was nice and cool it was sssss ooooo hot there it was CRAZY on our first day we went and got some food from the dairy I got my very first kit Kat but when I opened it it was basically chocolate soup The food there was great Chinese food has been my second favourite type of food

next up Santorini it was my favourite place we had a small motel but that place had like FIVE POOLS it was amazing and there was a slushy stand and the slushies were FREE it had regular food like fish and chips and burgers and fries so I was happy

next Rome the home place of julius caesar we saw the colosseum and the food was ok our apartment wasn't too shabby Rome was my least favourite place

next on the list Greece and Athens they  were in the same place Greece was great and we had such delicious food and a fabulous hotel Athens was just as good we got to see the statue of Apollo well that's about it for my amazing trip throughout Europe.

BY Tom.Macauley

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