Monday, 13 November 2017

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek, a fun game it can be fun or extremely, NERVE WRACKING. Here's a story of when I played hide and seek at my cousin's house Emma, the youngest cousin I knew. Emma was the seeker.  I hide in their shed but Emma knew that place. I was going to find a new place to hide then I heard the words I'M COMING TO FIND YOU. So I quickly squeezed into an open create and covered myself with a dirty blanket. It was hot and stuffy.  I thought I was safe but then the door opens through a tiny little crack I see her come in. Luckily she knocks over a bunch of stuff and it falls on me. It was painful but I managed to keep quiet. I can hear that Emma has caught Calib the second oldest cousin, and Livy the oldest cousin. I can feel a broken piece of metal digging into my back.  I feel like a knight is poking me with his sword. I think I'm fine but the door opens again and all three of them come in. They are looking high and low then Emma lifts up some items that were burying me a few minutes ago.  I thought she was going to find me. Luckily she doesn't notice the dirty blanket. They were there for a few more minutes before they left but just as they left I let out a fart. They knew where it came from. They took off all of the items and the blanket. They had found me. That was the most tense and scary round of hide and seek I have ever played.  Well gotta go…..I'm the seeker now mahHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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