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Week 9 and 10 Science Blog
We have been using our science learning to create new things like a model playground or  a balloon powered car I chose a playground. I am working with Harry.W Jacob and Enzo we have been going very well so far we have made our flying fox and swing both display a meaning of force. Because we have been sharing ideas and we have a good way of stopping disagreements because we have been working well together.

We have been struggling on the hot glue and design we have done ok on the designs but the paint has kind of made it a bit ugly and when we try the hot glue we end up completely finishing it but making a big mess and getting burnt by the hot glue, because we were rushing a bit and because we had started our project last.

 I think I am working well with the others we have been agreeing and disagreeing and best of all we have had lots of fun together. 

I want to improve on going slow and steady so it won't look messy. Here is a photo of what we have done so far. 

Our next part of the playground is to finish the fence and make and ad the slide 

HOW TO MAKE THIS          Plan for how to make a playground 
We used
Hot glue 
Popsicle sticks 
Bottom caps

First to make the swing get five toothpicks, two 4 cm long bits of string next take four toothpicks and make two capital As with no inside line and 3cms away from each other . Then take the last toothpick and put it on top of the other parts again the take the bits of string glue the on the hovering bit and then get a bottle cap and cut of the sides around it the bend it in the middle and connect it to the bottom of the string . 

Next the flying fox you need 18 popsicle sticks and hot glue and a 14 cm long bit of wire and two toothpicks first make the two stands put four sticks on the ground in a rectangle shape and make it so there facing up then glue five sticks on the top so it's standing up then glue on a toothpick and make it so the pointy part of the toothpick is facing up. Then  make another one of these and the connect the wire to point A to point B or each platform then  before you stick it on you make the little seat you need to get a 4 cm bit of wire and I 4 cm bit of wood and connect each one together. Then get a 4 cm bit of straw and put that on the wire and voila. 

Science Blog 
  Wk 8     
Introduction. We have been doing science this term it is about force and gravity.  We have also learnt some new knowledge on Isaac Newton's law of motion and most importantly push and pull.  Gravity works in a way we can see it all around us like in winter when the leaves fall off that's gravity slowly pushing it down. And when it's very windy that's gravity pushing the air everywhere gravity is a very spectacular way of motion  

I worked on catapults (again) this time we tested out what would  happen if we weighed down the cotton balls I discovered that when it is weighed it will go a lot for further and it will bounce a lot more. We also tried it with three cotton balls which made it go a lot less further and it had more bounce 

I found out that the heavier it is the more the bounce and it will not go very far because gravity does not let it go far instead it will push it down

What you need 
8 popsicle sticks one rubber band one spoon and a roll of tape 

I wonder what would happen if we used more than eleven rubber bands and cotton balls 

I wonder what would happen if it did not bounce 

I wonder what would happen if we put water in it instead of rubber bands

How to make a catapult.  Steps first you make a square out of the tape and some of the popsicle sticks then you get two more. And face them up the attach the two up right ones to the square.  Then get two more and make a cross in the middle. And get one rubber band and put it on the tips of the upright popsicle sticks and put. The spoon in the middle of it the pull back and fire 

I am wondering why the cotton balls  or rubber bands would fall off on firing 
I can use this new learning in my maths and an important DT project

Wk 6
What I've done: we got to choose from 3 activities ping pong ramp bounce ball and chair pulleys.  I choose ping pong ramp because it sounded like fun and I had never done that activity before. I worked with Harry.W Thomas.A Enzo and Zoe. We used a big plank of wood three meter rulers and fifteen dictionaries And a chair and a large (clean and empty) yogurt container 

What I'Ve found out: I  know that when the ball went down it kept on falling of the track. We stopped that from happening because we put big books on the sid and we put a meter ruler in the middle. So it would stay on track when we expanded the track we noticed that it got better but it still fell of. We had to improve it many times

I now know:  when the ball goes racing down instead of it stopping mid way. Gravity won't let it stay that way so gravity pushes it down. Then It gets all the speed it got from gravity 

I am wondering what the perfect angel is for a ramp  

I wonder what would happen if I used a clipboard 

I wonder what would happen if we didn't fix all of the minor setbacks 

Wk 4

What I,ve done we got to choose between 2 activities rocket balloons or catapults I choose catapults I worked alone I used popsicle sticks lots of tape spoons (plastic) and rubber bands

What I know I now know that when the catapult gets pulled back it releases all of the force it got pulled back so it will launch the object and the first design on my catapult wasn't perfect so I added some support beams on it then it worked properly then we did shooting I saw great and unique design on the other catapults 

I wonder what would happen if I added no support beams 

I wonder what would happen if I did not put enough cello tape on it 

I wonder what would happen if we weighed down our cotton balls.

Chair pulleys wk 5
We got to choose between 3 activities ping pong ramp (I already did this one) bounce ball and chair pulleys I choose chair pulleys I saw that when we did the pulling I did observed on how it was shaking violently I also saw that some items fell out of the lift I worked with Harry.W Cooper Enzo and Jacob  we used a container with two holes on the side Get string and two chairs 

I know how to work the chair pulley and I now know what kind of movements it can provide 

I wonder what would happen if we had nothing in the basket 

I wonder what would happen if we went the wrong way 

Catapults (part two) 
Wk 7
I did catapults we started to fire balls that were weighed down so we could find out what the change was we got a big piece of paper and our first shot we had no rubber bands 

I found out that when the ball is weighed down it will go a lot faster and further and when it gets like five rubber bands it starts to get smaller and it starts to bounce and it also doesn't go the same direction and distance 

I wonder what would happen if we used more than one cotton ball

I wonder what would happen if we used eleven cotton balls

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