Monday, 5 June 2017

Clothing writing

Clothing writing by Tom

I am as long as a giraffe's neck. As skinny as a snake I am hiding in your wardrobe. I have a black soul.

 I am annoyed at you I do so much for you but you give me nothing in return. I can be any color you want me to be. 

We have a dark relationship and why am I annoyed with you. I am like that droopy bit of bark you see on a big gum tree I have a big responsibility I am awaiting for you to put me on I have a big metal object on me that can be fastened so what do you think I am?

The language feature I used. Was a simile because I said I am as skinny as a snake.

The language feature I used was a simile because I said I am as long as a giraffes neck.

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